You can view, download and print the seminar brochure here. You must have Adobe reader or similar application installed. Some browsers want to download the brochure, if yours does that just look at your downloads and open from there.

2017 Cascade Chapter Fall Brochure FINAL

Registration on Friday will open at 5:00PM, with workshops starting at 6:00PM.

Friday will consist of a Synthes sawbones workshop (always fun) and a session with BPI on laparoscopic instruments. The workshops will be conducted multiple times so that everyone may participate in both.

Registration on Saturday will open at 7:00AM, with sessions starting at 8:00AM. Please refer to the brochure for the specific sessions.

We are trying something a little different this year. At lunch, we will be doing a round table discussion with Rose Seavey, Mark Duro, David Jagrosse and Damien Berg. This is a presentation that they have done at the IAHCSMM Annual Meeting, and was well received there. We hope you enjoy it.